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Hello darlings! 

   How are you today? In my city it is sunny and pleasant, the perfect weather for me to get creative and talk to you about perfumes, my guilty pleasure. 


   The stars of the day are three Jul et Mad perfumes from the new Les Whites line: Néa, Nin-Shar and Garuda. They were all launched at the beggining of 2015 and according to the official site, we found out that: 

  After sharing their extraordinary love story, Julien and Madalina unveil another dimension of the couple: their universe, their passions, and way of life. The new exclusive collection is directly inspired by the creators' love for culture: music, art, history, philosophy, all an integral part of their life.
Les "WHITE" debuts with a most beautiful and luxurious trilogy of extraordinary "Extraits de Parfum" made with the purest and rarest essential oils to express the couple's love and passion for the mysteries and greatness of ancient lost civilizations. 
    I cannot explain why, but when it comes to perfumery, I feel attracted to perfumes that evoque the white color. Maybe because I am always searching for comfy, serene and feminine perfumes, or maybe because I need a dose of purity in my life. Les Whites  collection appealed to me from the very first moment, as I was looking forward to see how the house of Jul et Mad would interpretate the oud note in their creation, and I was also eager to see the gourmand from the collection - Néa. 


   Jul et Mad say that...

   ....The first perfume from the collection - Néa got its name inspired from a splendid edifice near the Imperial palace, built by Basil I as the tangible symbol of this era of renewal, of "renaissance", during the Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire. Byzantium, at this period, is at the apogee of its grandeur, a veritable economic, cultural and religious center, impressing the rest of the world by its reaches, its arts and by the quality of life, veritable « douceur de vivre ». 

   Néa opens with a gourmand mix of dry plums and dates, with just a hint of pomengranate sweetness. To my nose, the combination is mostly like a fruity-caramel sirup, liquid and sparkling, rather than dense and sticky like some gourmands tend to be. In about half an hour, the perfume migrates slowly towards the floral side and a perfect rose appears, with its fuchsia petals glowing, ready to embrace the composition. At this moment Néa shows to me another facet and I coud swear that there is a cherry note hidden between the flowers. This note is not listed, so maybe the jasmine and rose notes, mixed with the fruits like to play with my senses. 

   The base of the perfume is very warm and well balanced and I can detect a musky, somehow dirty accord, but in a good way, blended with a chocolatey patchouli, laid to rest on an inviting vanilla bed. 

    Néa surprised me in a good way, it is a soft and luminous gormand, like a coral cashmere sweater, warm and inviting and in my opinion it can be worn by women of all ages, because it simply has the power to destress and uplift your spirit.  

 Head : Date, Davana, Pomegranate, Palm Leaf, Black Pepper

 Heart: Jasmin Sambac, Rosa Damascena, Dry Plum 
 Bottom: Patchouli, Cashmeran, Vanila, Benzoin, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Ambroxan, Musk

Perfumeur: Luca Maffei
Concentration: Extrait de perfume
Where to buy: the perfume can be found on the official Jul et Mad ONLINE SHOP or in Romania at Elysee, in Bucharest, or online, by clicking HERE


   Jul et Mad say that...
...Nin-Shar is inspired by the name of a Sumerian goddess, "the Goddess of plants" or "the lady of the gardens" in Babylonian culture to evoke the city's magnificent Hanging Gardens.

  This perfume sure is an ode to roses. Picture this: A young woman is sitting in her reading nook, curled up, with a book in her hands. On the table near her, there is a lush bouquet of roses, tied with a purple ribbon. In her right hand, she hold a glass of liquor and sipps slowly, as the words settle in her thoughts. If you look at her now, she seems so mature, but if you take a peek at the book's cover, you'll be surprised to discover that she's reading fairytales. 

   This is how Nin Shar is. A perfume between innocence and maturity. It may look simple, but it is yet so deep. 

Head: Bergamot, Liqueur de Rose, Davana Essence
Heart: Turkish Rose Absolue, Egiptian Jasmine, Patchouli
Bottom : Oud, Benzoin, Vanille Bourbon, Virginia Cedar, Santal, Incense Absolu 

PerfumeurSidonie Lancesseur, Maison Robertet - Grasse, France
Concentration: Extrait de Perfume
Where to buy: the perfume can be found on the official Jul et Mad ONLINE SHOP or in Romania at Elysee, in Bucharest, or online, by clicking HERE

   I saved the best for the end and now I would like to introduce to you my favourite: 


   Jul et Mad say that...

  ...The splendour and opulence of the great Angkor civilization.
"Lord of Birds" known for accompanying Vishnu et Krishna in their fight against the evil, he is a very important figure frequently represented in the Hindu and Buddhist religions.
The gigantic Angkor temple site is today as "petrified" in the jungle that invaded the smallest stone and brick. The impressive ruins by their size, the profusion of vast temples and the richness that characterize them, are "living" witnesses of the strength and power of Khmer civilization. 
  An impressive number of Garuda sculptures ornate the temples of Angkor, the most remarkable representation being found in a gallery of Angkor Watt, its bas-reliefs being decorated with dozens of them. At the sundown, the gallery is bathing in the sunlight, all the statues appearing as covered in gold… 

   Garuda is hot. Like liquid lava, covering my skin, melting my heart. The opening is woody and peppery, with a velvety oud caressing my senses. There are no asperities, the oud is perfect in here, with no unpleasant medicinal vibe. Soon, a boozy note of rum makes its presence felt and Garuda becomes more intriguing. I am craving for more as I caught by the sleeve a gourmand kind of accord. What could it be? After a couple of hours, here it comes - amber, in all its splendour. It melts into the mixture and now Garuda is even more wonderful. Have you ever listened a saxophone jazzy medley on repeat, on and on, as you sit barefoot next to the fireplace? Well, thats's how Garuda feels. So.... proceed with caution... you may loose your heart tonight. 

Head : Bergamot, Orange, Cumin, Pink Pepper
Heart: Cambodian Oud, Saffron, Rhum
Bottom: Patchouli, Timbersilk, Vetiver Java, Cedarwood, Cashmeran, Amber, Vanilla, Musk

Perfumeur: Luca Maffei
Concentration: Extrait de parfum
Where to buy: the perfume can be found on the official Jul et Mad ONLINE SHOP or in Romania at Elysee, in Bucharest, or online, by clicking HERE
   Les Whites collection is truly special, the perfumes are rich and opulent, each with its own story to tell. 
    Here is a special song that fits like a glove to Les Whites collection. 


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