Puredistance WHITE - the perfume of happiness

       Once upon a time there was a far, far away kingdom in which fields were covered in roses, the sky was always blue and every single man or woman would have golden hair and opalescent white skin. The kingdom's name was Puredistance and the people living in it were called Whitesians. The sun was always shining in the kingdom of Puredistance and people were always smiling.

       The Whitesians had no worries and their world was filled with love and joy, but in order to preserve this bliss, once a month a Whitesian had to travel outside the Puredistance kingdom's gates in order to fulfill someone's dream of happiness. That was not an easy task, as ordinary humans easily gave up their dreams and wishes and were often feeling sad or angry.

      The big day came for Beatrix and she was ready to go out there, in the big, intricate world and make someone happy. She had her long, golden hair embellished with roses and her lips curved in a generous smile.

    The gates of Puredistance opened and she stepped outside, nervous but also excited to start the adventure. After a while, she found the sad human being whom she must make happy again: a girl, named Deidre who was sitting on a bench, sobbing, with her shoulders moving up and down. Beatrix, who, like every Whitesian, was invisible for ordinary humans, seated next to the girl and with her white, warm fingers, wiped the tears falling from Deirdre's eyes. The girl stopped crying, and for a moment she felt around her the most magnificent perfume ever: a warm and inviting rose scent, mixed with a soapy and clean sandalwood note. Her watery eyes became wider as she was looking beside her hoping to see where did the wonderful smell came from, but she saw nobody.

     Beatrix hair started to shine brighter spreading the heavenly scent all over the place, absorbing all the sadness from Deirdre's heart. The Whitesian came closer to the girl and embraced her, softly singing the song of happiness.
     Suddenly Deirdre was feeling better and began to remember all the good things in her life. A shy smile was begining to rise from within her heart. She closed her eyes and the perfume that was spreading around her started to feel more and more creamier. Deidre felt the need to take her shoes off, she wanted to feel the ground under her feet and just let go of all the worries. Suddenly an earthy hint of orris began to tickle her nostrils. She felt like the earth was absorbing her sadness and then, Deirdre felt free and...happy. She began to dance, like nobody was watching, like all her dreams could come true in an instant.

     Beatrix was proud. Her misunderstood human was happy now. Her mission was accomplished. She laughed, flicking her locks of hair, spreading the perfume of happines around her once more and kissed Deirdre's cheeks. It was time to go back to Puredistance kingdom. 

    Deirdre opened her eyes and just for a moment, she thought she saw a glimpse of golden hair, leaving a perfumed trail behind...

     This is Puredistance WHITE to me, a complex, life-changing perfume by wich I would love to be surrounded every single day. 

Ingredients: Rose de Mai from France, Tonka bean absolute from Venezuela, Orris absolute from Italy, Sandalwood from Mysore, Bergamot from Italy, Musk, Vetyver from Haiti and Patchouli from Indonesia. 

Perfume Extrait: 38% perfume oil

Perfumer: Antoine Lie

House: Puredistance

Personal apreciations: The persistence is amazing with this perfume, more that 10 hours with a moderate sillage. 

Where to buy? 

In Romania, the perfume can be found at Elysee Concept Store or you can buy it directly from Puredistance Online Store.

Have you tried Puredistance perfumes? Which one is your favourite? 


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