Interview with perfumer Giovanni Sammarco

Dear perfume addicts, 

I have had the chance to ask perfumer Giovanni Sammarco from Sammarco Artisanal handmade Perfumes a few questions about my beloved passion: the art of perfumery. Enjoy! 

Perfumers design dreams and give new life to emotions, to those living inside us as olfactory memories.
To do this we need a mix between innovation and traditions, we need a vision.

1. Hello Giovanni! Tell me a few words about yourself and Sammarco perfumes. How did it all began? 
  Hello Adelina, thank you for your question. I still don’t know how all began.
  I was never interested in perfumes before my master in Law. After it, it is happened that i started to be interested in perfumes, but it is difficult to find a specific moment when this has happened.
  During my PhD in Law i continued to be more and more interested and then I decided to go deeper and study how to create perfumes. Then I decided to move to Switzerland in 2013 to create my company and then I launched my brand:  Sammarco, starting with my first 3 perfumes: Vitrum, Alter and Bond-T. And now I’m going to launche my 6th one, Yael, very soon.
  I know that it is a bit unusual way to come to perfumery trough Law studies, but I’m very happy that it is happened.

2. How do you choose your raw materials to work with? Do you find inspiration while trying to find something new, or is it the other way around? 
  Raw materials are my main interest. I love to discover new ones, to try special things and to smell differences between various qualities and source of the same material.
I choose them in relation with my ideas and what I want to create. I have a quite big selection and I’m always in search of new possibilities. Yes, raw materials are very inspiring but my main source of inspiration are women.

3. What fragrance are you wearing most often? Why? 
  I don’t wear fragrances.

4. What makes you different among other „noses”? 
   That I don’t use the word nose. I prefer to use perfumer.

5. How do you see Sammarco perfumes 10 years from now? 
   10 years is a very long time. I don’t know. I hope to grow constantly, to create wonderful perfumes during this 10 years and maybe to hire someone to help.

6. Is there any unusual smell would you like to capture in one of your creations in the future?
   I think the selection of ingredients we have available is extremely big and there are almost no limit in the possibilities. From time to time I think to create something related with Gardenia. But it is still only an idea.

7. How do you decide wich name will a fragrance have after the creation process is finished?
  Naming is for me always the most difficult part of the work. I want to use names which are not related with the smell. So you can not imagine how the perfume will smell from the name. And I like short names. So usually I need more time to find the name than to create the perfumes :D.

   Thank you Giovanni for being my guest on Reviews by Adelina! 


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