Every perfume lover must have this diary by Anisia Nykoniuk!

Hello darlings! 

Today I want to share with you my recent discovery and top of the wishlist object: Scent of the Day Diary,  creative notebook for people who love fragrances, created by the very talented Anisia Nykoniuk. 

Anisia Nykoniuk is a Ukrainian-born artist, designer, photographer and fragrance blogger currently living in Vilnius. She also creates imagery for some of the most exquisite niche perfume houses. Learn more about her at anisiabeauty.com.

About Scent of the Day Diary

 #scentoftheday or #sotd is a tag that fragrance fans from all over the world use to describe their pictures and posts about perfume in social media. This movement was an inspiration that helped Anisia Nykoniuk create the Diary that is now loved by perfumistas, bloggers and even per- fumers all over the globe! All images in the diary are hand-drawn and show more than 400 of the most beautiful fragrance bottles ever.

 The diary is available online at scentoftheday.co. In Lithuania it is available at Vėjas Gluosniuose and Aromatų Sodas shops. 
Features of the diary: 
 • 4-in-1: you can use it as a diary, planner, sketchbook or coloring book
 • Soft-touch soft cover 
• Plain pages with illustrations 
• With ribbon bookmark and elastic strap 
• 400 beautifully illustrated pages for each day of the year and even more! 

• The images can be colored with pencils, watercolor or felt pens 
• Size: 17x17 cm 
• Year and days of the week are not specified, so it can be used several years in a row if your notes are brief.

For more information please visit scentoftheday.co or email us at ophiuchus.design@gmail.com

What do you think of this beauty? 


people who love fragranc


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