My olfactory travels: Daniel Pescio's creations - part I

Hello, darlings! 

  How are you? I am a bit melancholic, and a bit lazy, because it is so rainy and cold outside that all I want to do is drink tea and sleep. And wear perfumes. Sensual, mysterious perfumes. 

  Autumn may not be my favourite season, but I swear that it is the Golden Age for wearing perfumes. Now it is the time to indulge myself with gourmands, vintages, crazy florals and boozy scents. As you already know, I can't get enough of testing new perfumes, so Daniel Pescio's creations (click HERE for interview) were making me extremely curious. I wore them in different occasions and different weather and I have finally came to a conclusion: this man is really, really talented! Let me introduce you today with six of he's creations:

First, I want to mention that I do not know the list of notes for any of the scents. I love to test perfumes as "blind' as I can, so I won't let my nose influenced by what I read on the label. 

Fleur Cannibale

  I cannot give you a rational explanation, but I really love the name of this perfume! Now, about the scent, on my skin, Fleur Cannibale opens with a blast of white flowers. I think tuberose is the center of attention here, but it is somehow a bit fruity, it smells a bit like bubblegum to me. The perfume is quite linear on my skin, it does not develop too much, it just becomes richer and creamier. The sillage and persistence are great! 

Fleur Cannibale Cuir Tonka

  Oh my, this was love at first sniff! What an amazing scent! To my nose, it doesn't resemble with Fleur Cannibale to much. Just the openening seems to be similar. After a few minutes, Fleur Cannibale Cuir Tonka becomes gourmand on my skin. I can smell the leather quite clearly, but it is a very elegant and soft note, not "dirty" or too masculine, it is just great. This perfume made me remember Korrigan by Lubin. It has the same bittersweet vibe to it. I don't know if it's just my nose, but Fleur Cannibale Cuir Tonka has a hint of almonds in it. Roasted, warm almonds. Simply delicious! I would wear this especially in Autumn, while I enjoy the fiery sunset. 

Fleur Cannibale Plum Extrait

  Now this one is a bit different. I perceive it as boozy, and very sweet at the same time. I get a pronouced floral note. Is it tuberose? Is it gardenia? Anyways, the flowers here are wraped in fruity notes, as if their petals were soaked in sugary fruit juice. The composition is delicious, but I wouldn't describe it as gourmand. I would wear this one in cold, winter days, while I try to warm myself up with a cup of mulled wine in my hands. 

Osmanthus Elixir

  Another gem from Daniel Pescio! This perfume had a very interesting evolution on my skin. It intrigued and enchanted me at the same time. When I sprayed this one on my skin, I smelled earthy, dark notes. My thoughts went to roots and herbs, and my mind projected myself in a mysterious, humid forest. I also caught a vintage vibe, somehow like an oldschool cypre and I loved that. After a while though, Osmanthus Elixir transformed itself in a more and more luminous scent. In a couple of hours, the perfume smelled to me like fuzzy apricots! My mouth even became watery, because they are my favourite fruits, ha, ha! So, if usually a perfume starts soft, or citrusy and then becomes richer or sweeter, for Osmanthus Elixir thigs evolved differently and I diffinately fell in love with it!

Eclat de Sambac

  This one is a bit tricky for me. I think it may be the jasmine that makes things complicated for my skin, because this perfume has something "dirty" the moment I spray it on my skin. I cannot perceive it as floral, as I expected, but rather animalic and a bit sour, so we could't get along unfortunately. The persistency and sillage are great, as usual!

Eau de Cyclades

  This one is the most bracing from what I have tried from Daniel. Wearing Eau de Cyclade felt to me like walking barefoot in a dewy meadow. What a joyful experience! I thing I smell vetiver and some citrusy notes here. This scent its uplifting and simply makes its wearer optimistic. I thing Eau de Cyclades is perfect for that days when you want to smell clean and fresh! Anyway, I must stress that this perfume it is not your usual, everyday "fresh" perfume. It developes quite interesting on my skin and tends to become sweeter. Sillage and persistence are good too!

  On my next post, I will present another six perfumes created by Daniel. I will leave you a little hint too: Daniel Pescio recreated Guerlain scent too. Wanna see which one and if it resembles the original masterpiece? Stay tooned for part two!   


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