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  How are you, my friends? Are you enjoying the sunny weather? 

  Today I want to tell you more about the house of Puredistance, one of my favourite perfume houses. I think that a perfume is not just a blend of notes made to make you feel better. It is so much more. As I often say, when a perfumer creates something new, he blends a piece of his soul, his true identity in the composition. Yes, perfumes are liquid memories, liquid emotions made for us to love and treasure. That is why I admire houses like Puredistance, who launch something new every couple of years, not 20 perfumes a year like otherhouses. You can feel the joy and the passion in every detail. The hand crafted leather pouch, the beautiful boxes, so luxurious and elegant, and then the bottles. I simply adore the 17,5ml ones. Their glass is very high quality, pleasant at touch and a joy to look at. 

  I have tested almost every single perfume from Puredistance, and today I will try to make you imagine Antonia, a clasic Floral, with a slightly chypree touch. 

How would you describe a classic? Antonia is a true timeless beauty. Let me picture this for you:

   In a luminous day of summer, you get to visit your aunt in England, somewhere in Devon. You haven't seen her in a while, but you kept her memory in your heart, because she is your favourite.
As you arrive near her house, you can feel the smell of crisp grass blended with a hint of english roses. Ah, what a delight! 
   There it is! The beautiful manor she lives in, with her precious cats. The house is covered with ivy, the plant embraces the grey walls creating a familiar and loved memory, protecting the manor against the whole world. You used to love the slightly bitter and sharp smell that was entering the house as you opened the windows.  
   And now, there you are, in front of the wooden door. You knock twice and the housekeeper welcomes you. You make a few steps, and then you see your aunt, her aristocratic figure - she is still the same, with her black pearls necklace and green cashmere blouse. She welcomes you with a candid smile, while her hands arrange a vase full of Jasmin flowers. Her beige nails blend beautifuly with the flowers. Then, with a slow hand gesture, she tels you: sit down, dear. I have prepared your favourite cup of tea, vanilla and dreams. Imortality I call it. We have plenty.
 I would also like to show you the luxurious and yet poetic presentation of Puredistance perfumes. The novelty consists in the Chess Board display and here is what Puredistance tells us about this: 

   For years we tried to come up with the perfect display to show the beauty of our brand. Not an easy task, since space is limited in most of the stores that sell Puredistance. In the end we have come up with the right solution: the Puredistance Chessboard Display! The perfect base to house the noble members of the Puredistance Family.

If you study the history of the game of chess you will find many characteristics that are similar to the DNA of Puredistance: Chess is an intelligent game that at the same time demands a sharp intuition. And only true originality in playing makes the difference between a good player and a true Chess Master...

  You can find Puredistance perfumes in Elysee Concept Stores in Romania and internationally on their site - Puredistance perfumes.  

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Brigi a spus…
Nice!!! Ai inceput sa scrii in engleza. Asa te vreau, sa atingi cat mai multa lume!
Adelina Tomescu a spus…
Da! Si voi mai posta pe viitor cat mai mult si in engleza :D

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