Chic inside out. RUBIKONA - a new fragrance by Puredistance

If you know me for a while, you could tell that I might belong to a different time, a time where things had more meaning, and objects had a soul. I must confess that sometimes the past seems to me more fascinating than the future. Therefore, it is no surprise that from the minute I have found out about the new fragrance by Puredistance it caught my attention. 

Its name – RUBIKONA - combines  the deep and warm colour red of a RUBY with the timeless beauty of an ICON. The nose behind this fragrance is the talented Cécile Zarokian, wich also created SHEIDUNA, another masterpiece by Puredistance. According to the brand, the Top Notes are Grapefruit, Bergamot, Mandarin; the Middle Notes - Rose, Iris, Ylang, Clove, Orange blossom, Creamy notes and the Base Notes are Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Solar notes, Musk. The combination of the highest quality raw materials and a perfume oil percentage of 28% will ensure a rich and long lasting sensorial experience.


Four distinct sounds that together form their own small symphony. !Much like a perfectly cut RUBY that fascinates by the various shades of red and intensities of light. Puredistance Rubikona is a deep, warming perfume with a gracious, warm heart - safely embedded in deep blue satin. Elegance in every vein, in line with the sophisticated character of Puredistance. Rubikona is ‘Chic inside Out’.


As Yves Saint Laurent once said: ’Without elegance of the heart, there is no elegance’.


After creating the elegant oriental SHEIDUNA, this is the second perfume Cécile Zarokian has made for Puredistance. We fully trusted she would understand the stylish and classic concept of RUBIKONA, as Cécile herself is an icon of style and Paris is her hometown.  Our trust in her was fully justified: her interpretation of RUBIKONA turned out to be !chic and classy.  


Puredistance RUBIKONA will be available in October 2020 in 3 different sizes: 17.5 ml, 60 and 100 ml. All perfumes are packaged in a beautiful giftbox and come with a certificate that is personally signed by the founder Jan Ewoud Vos. The suggested EU retail price will be 175 euro for 17.5 ml, 295 euro for 60 ml and 490 euro for 100 ml. 

RUBIKONA will be officially released on October 15 and if you from Romania, you can find all Puredistance perfumes at Elysee, online and in store. 

More surprises will follow... stay close! 


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