Puredistance Aenotus - a dream of summer

It has been a while since I have shared with you my thoughts on a new fragrance. Lately I have tried quite a few novelties, loved some, forgot others and changed my wishlist for this year. As you may know, I like to take my time when I discover a new scent. I wear it on different days, occasions and most of all, paired with different states of mind. Perfumes have the power to influence the way I feel and I choose wisely what to wear. 

My life is like a permanent wait for the summer to come. Warm days, the blue sky, the smell of the sea and the bright colors of fruits are the things that make me feel better. Therefore, I truly appreciate the fact that today, when I am curled up in my armchair, covered with a blanket as I write this post I am able to dream about my favorite season, even if outside my window is rainy and quite cold. My secret? A fragrance, of course. This time, Puredistance Aenotus stays close to my heart, bringing a smile to my face. 

There is no secret that Puredistance, one of the most exclusive perfume houses in the world, is among my favorite niche brands. Ever since I discovered this house I felt that it truly represents what am I looking for in a perfume. 

Last year, when I found out that there is going to be a new launch I was so happy and curious! As stated by Puredistance, Aenotus is certainly different from all the previous creations of the house, for its focus on citruses, but with a warm, woody base. This perfume was created by the amazing Antoine Lie and meant to be very intimate and longlasting, with an unprecedented perfume oil percentage of 48%. 

I had the chance to try this new launch for the first time at the begining of the year. Since then, I wore it on different occasions and even took the precious perfume bottle with me on a citybreak, so my memories there will always smell like Aenotus. 

How is Aenotus, then?

Well, it is not a trendy, modern fragrance that we are all used to smell all around us. There is no overpowering sweetness, no gourmand notes and most of all, Aenotus will not fill the room when you will wear it. It is quiet like a whisper, soft and delicate, but amazingly longlasting. I would say that Aenotus is like a loyal companion, or maybe like a thought that you have in your mind all the time and you do not want to let go of it. Like my dream of summer. 

The opening of Aenotus is like a ray of sunshine, a burst of citruses, fresh and glowing. The heart of the fragrance features mint and blackcurrant buds, and my favorite part, the base, provides a warm, soft aura of patchouly and musks. The ingredients are exquisite, but this is no surprise for Puredistance. I also loved the visuals and the packaging. That beautiful baby blue brings so much confort! 

Personally, as the years go by, I have discovered that delicate perfumes suit me better. I love it when the perfume that I wear stays close to the hollow of my neck without giving out its mistery right away. 

Aenotus is meant to be savoured, its story has to be listened in order for you to fall in love with it. I think it is not a safe blind buy, as it is not your ordinary summer fragrance. Aenotus is quite complicated and full of secrets, but pure and bright, like a clear blue sky.


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