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   Today we are talking about my favorite subject: perfumes! If you remember, last year, in november I have reviewed a few perfumes from Le Jardin Retrouvé, wich was the first Maison de niche perfume, established in 1975. Since then, I have tried all the samples again and again and now it the time to share my opinion about Sandalwood Sacré and Tubéreuse Trianon. 

  You can find my other reviews on the house's creations and also their beautiful story if you will click HERE (part I) and HERE (part II)

  Tubéreuse Trianon

  When you think about tubereuse, you may often find it cloying, powerful and a bit naughty. There are lots of fragrances based on this narcotic note because it is very feminine and seductive, and yet there are many people who choose to stay away from tubereuse. Well, Tubéreuse Trianon is made especially for those who might think to give this flower a second chance. 

  Tubéreuse Trianon perfectly illustrates the romantic facet of this versatile flower. In this perfume, the tuberose has joined a sunny jasmine and a seductive ylang ylang note and together they merge into a very creamy and feminine scent. 

  Even though it is listed as unisex, for me, Tubéreuse Trianon is certainly made to caress a woman's skin. 

  The fragrance is very potent and stays on my skin for hours and hours, but its velvety texture makes it very easy to wear and to love. 

  If you want something different, a luminous tubereouse, I think you must give Tubéreuse Trianon a good try! You might be surprised :)

Sandalwood Sacré

   At first Sandalwood Sacré was not my favorite (yes, I am more of a floral girl). I thought it won't suit my dreamy personality. I was fooled by the tingly and kind of harsh opening. But I was patient, and then I have discovered a very different sandalwood from what I have tried before. 

  I was expecting for the perfume to be soapy and dry, but instead, thanks to the patchouly note, I've found Sandalwood Sacré to be a soft and melancholic scent, aka exactly what I like to wear, especially in Autumn and rainy spring days. 

  Sandalwood Sacré is very smooth, regarding the notes. I cannot distinguish each accord and I do not intend to. I like a perfume that is well blended and balanced. Sandalwood Sacré smells like the air after an autumn rain, when the earth is still moist and the wind carries hints of smoke and auburn leaves on its wings. 

  I like to wear it when I read, or when I write in my journal because I find Sandalwood Sacré to help me concentrate better. It kind of reminds me of book pages, old books that hide secretes through their pages.

  Now, let me tell you some interesting facts about the packaging for Le Jardin Retrouvé's perfumes. 

  If you are going to buy your first perfume from the house, I advise you to choose Le Nécessaire, because it includes an empty 50ml screen-printed glass bottle, an empty 15ml screen-printed glass bottle, a glass funnel and a 125ml aluminium flask filled with the perfume of your choice. 

  After you have Le Nécessaire, you can only buy the aluminium flask whenever you need more perfume. Isn't that great? I love to see creative ideas and I appreciate this concept! Also the cardboards that Clara Feder made for each perfume are very beautiful.

  Another thing that I love is the wooden caps. They are all different, as the wood from wish they are made of and that makes them unique for everyone. 
   Have you tried any fragrance from Le Jardin Retrouvé? Wich one is your favorite?


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