SHEIDUNA by Puredistance - An oriental tale

Hello, dear perfume lovers! 

  Ever since I was a child, I have loved fairytales. But not only the ones with beautiful and humble princesses, but also the ones which implied a more mature and maybe not so happy side. The perfect tales to illustrate wisdom, bravery and sensuality were the oriental ones. I have spent many days and nights reading the marvelous "The book of 1001 nights", imagining myself as a main character. Maybe one day I was a little boy in search of his luck, or maybe a wise old man who had an advice for everybody. Sometimes I was a seductive woman, covered in jewels and silk veils, with eyes were melting men's hearts. After all, like Antoine de Saint Exupery was saying: " Only where the woman is wearing a veil you'll have the burning desire to read her face. "

  When I first found out about the launching of Sheiduna, I was so happy! It was like Puredistance was creating a perfume like a dreamcatcher for me. As if all my dreams about misteryous, oriental women, with ambery skin and dark eyes were materializing into a bottle of perfume, with soft curves, red shadow and unforgettable smell. 

  I was so eager to discover if Cecile Zarokian, the parfumeur who created Sheiduna, managed to endow it, like a fairy godmother, with grace, beauty and seductive power. 

She explains that:

"For Sheiduna I used a lot of naturals: starting with real and expensive roseoil, 

real tonka absolute (and not coumarin!), expensive real vanilla absolute, 

benzoin resinoide, real ambergris infusion, incense resinoide, myrrh, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum, geranium, lemon, tangerine… And of course I also used, in small quantities, some aroma chemicalsfor example amberXtreme and ambroxan, the only amber woody molecules in the formula, since without them there is no perfumery!"

  Finally, the moment for me to wear Sheiduna for the first time has arrived, and I have prepared, body and mind, to be enchanted, or not... I have had high hopes on Sheiduna, as Puredistance is one of my favourite true niche houses. Are you curious if I was satisfyed? Read down below! 

  After a long and warm bath, I sprayed my wrists with Sheiduna. I've patiently waited a few seconds, and then I deeply inhaled its aroma. 

  To me, Sheiduna follows the life cycle of a woman. The powerful blast of ripe, juicy tangerines that I have smelled in the first half an hour made me think of childhood, the stage in wich a girl enjoys the simple things, as she forges her path through life. There is a very crisp, clean smell and I think vetiver might have played an important role in here.

   Soon after this fruity begining, Sheiduna turns to something more complex. The girl I talked about earlier is a grown up woman now, ans she knows what she wants and how to achieve it. I can clearly smell the rose now, but it is not the flower that we are used to, in soliflore perfumes. I perceive the rose note as very balmy, it has an oily, smooth texture to it. Sheiduna is now rich and opulent, but yet misteryous, as I cannot disect its notes, I can just enjoy them mixing so smoothly togheter. 

  After a few hours, something very interesting happened and I haven't sensed that in any perfume before. Maybe it is just my nose, or because my skin is very dry I get this feeling, but Sheiduna smells powdery and aldehidic in the base. Usually, aldehydes make me aware of their presence right in the debut notes of a perfume. In here, it does not resemble any makeup smell, or baby powder, it is simply a dry, musky-powdery smell. I can now see the resemblance between Sheiduna and a woman who reached the age of wisdom, when she recalls her memories, smiling at them with gracefulness. 

 This year, during Pitti, in Florence this September, hundreds of perfume lovers tried SHEIDUNA and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Iris, from the Puredistance Team, took pictures from the people when they first tried SHEIDUNA. As I strongly believe that perfume is all about emotions, the image below made me feel really happy!

You can find Sheiduna and other amazing scents right HERE, on Puredistance new website!
In Romania, it will soon be availible in the Elysee shop.  
Have you tried Sheiduna yet? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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