An interview with Stephanie Poulage, creator of Poulage Perfumes + my reviews on the perfumes!

1.      Hello, dear friends!

               Today, I have the pleasure to post an interview with parfumeur and founder of the young perfume house Poulage Perfumes - Stephanie Poulage. Down on the page, you will find my opinions regarding the four perfumes created by this House. Enjoy!


        Adelinna's World: Hello Stephanie! First of all, let us know you better. Tell us the story of Poulage perfume house. How exactly was it born?

After 12 years as an in-house perfumer in the industry, I wanted to express my own sensitivity through my own collection. I wanted to create fragrances, such as, when wearing it you feel slightly off reality.

2.       A.W.: What inspired you in choosing the names for the four perfumes?

This is a collection about space and time thus the names.
Ubiquité is the gift of being at the same time in two different places and it is a long-lasting Eau Fraîche that reminds of summer in the countryside;
 Liquid Time is mastering the time; it is a fresh vetiver, green spicy wood and amber, each facet working like a watch-making complication;
Odora Di Femina is about eternal beauty and it works on you like you are in a bouquet of roses
and Suprême Orient is a distant imaginary space where Asia, Arabia and India meet; olfactively I would describe it as a spicy extreme-oriental.

3.      A.W.:  Do you admire a particular perfume decade, a perfumer, or a particular trend?

The perfumes I admire that are still on the market I would feel old in it, that is why I created this collection.

4.       A.W.: Where do you find inspiration for creating a new scent?
My love, my life, my emotions…

5.       A.W.: Can you tell us more about the Esxence experience from this year? How do people react to your creations?

Esxence 2016 was, as a young brand, our first international exposure and we have been sharing with people from all over the world. It felt so good I did not want to leave! Being the creator of the fragrances and have the people in front of you reacting to it is awesome! We experienced a superb welcome, interesting meetings and even great reviews of Fragrantica during the exhibition. We felt we can touch people whatever their age and their culture. This exhibition has nurtured our passionate drive. Future will tell!...

Thank you, Stephanie! 

Poulage Perfumes Odora di Femina 

  This scent represents a story about rose and women. As you may know, women simply love roses. Maybe because they are such romantic flowers, or maybe their delicacy makes them so loved. Odora di femina captures their beauty and ofers something extra. To me, this perfume smells like young roses, with their petals starting to unfold. Each petal is immersed in musk and the perfume smells a bit animalic, kind of erotic, yet very elegant and feminine. It smells like a women's skin - pure sensuality! It also has a vintage vibe, a timeless beauty. It blends perfectly with the women who wears it.

Official notes: Rose oil from Senir, Turkey, Black pepper oil from India, Rose absolute from Senir 

Poulage Perfumes Liquid Time 
   I perceive this scent as masculine, even though it is listed as unisex. To my nose, it has a crisp whiff in the opening that makes it very fresh, like a mountain spring. I think it would be perfect in the summer, worn by a men with hazel eyes and a glass of lemonade in his hand who just gave you the most perfect smile you have ever seen. 

Official notes: Vetyver oil from Madagascar, Clove buds from Madagascar, Cypress oil from Morocco

Poulage Perfumes Ubiquite 
   Ubiquite has one of the most crystalline amber notes I have ever met in perfumery. Usually, I would asociate amber with autumn, but here I've discovered a different story. This time, amber shines bright like a diamond, being acompanied by a very realistic tea note. The perfume smells very green to me, with just a hint of sweetness. It certainly has the power to trigger my beloved memories regarding my holidays in the countryside. 

Official notes: Mate from Brazil, Ambrette seeds of Equator, Everlasting absolute of Corsica

Poulage Perfumes Supreme Orient

  I think Supreme Orient is my favourite from the line. It is hard for me to choose between Odora di Femina and this one, but I find Supreme Orient to be a bit more complex and misterious. When I first smelled Supreme Orient, I closed my eyes and suddenly felt very warm, as if the sun sent its rays just for me. The bouquet of notes is very smooth, I find the perfume very well blended and I cannot distinguish any particular note. Supreme Orient seems to me like a gourmet dessert prepared by a misterious indian chef in the heart of Paris. 

Turkish rose Oil, Jasmine Sambac from India, Orris butter, Vanilla absolute from Madagascar, Cocoa Absolute, Ginger Absolute from China, Nutmeg oil from Ceylon

  If you want to discover Poulage Perfumes range of scents, you can find them all HERE, on the official website! 


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