Puredistance No. 12 - a glimpse of magic in a fast-forward world

 ”There was once upon a time a King who had twelve daughters, each one more beautiful than the other”

 At first there was Puredistance I, a sophisticated fragrance which represents pure emotion, love wrapped up in tenderness. The perfume is as light as a flutter of eyelashes, smooth and creamy, without any trace of roughness. You wear it for yourself, and maybe for the one you love, otherwise, the whole world can wait... because this moment must be enjoyed right NOW. 


 Then there came the others… Antonia – the timeless beauty, M – spicy, sensual, and powerful, Opardu – one of the most romantic fragrances I have ever smelled, candid and pure, just like a watercolor painting, Black – mysterious, like a longlost, bittersweet memory, followed by White – bright and optimistic, the perfume of happiness, as I like to call it. Sheiduna – the oriental beauty, followed, then Warszawa – aristocrat and elegant, a journey back in time, Aenotus – crisp, luminous, like a breath of fresh air, Gold – sparkly and rich, Rubikona – smooth, complex, and sensual and No. 12 – the youngest of Puredistance ”daughters”. 


The story of Puredistance started in 2002 with the concept of Puredistance I – the signature scent of Annie Buzantian. And with the launch of No. 12 – almost 20 years later – we have come full circle. A circle filled with many beautiful stories. The story of No.12 is one of them.


I have always loved fairytales and spent most of my childhood curled up in my favorite chair, with a book in my hands. Through them I’ve lived a thousand lives as I let my mind wander through a thousand worlds. I still love to read fairytales, as there will always be a child inside me who believes in magic. 

Somehow, perfumes are just like stories. There is a whole world inside their precious bottles. Dreams, aspirations, memories. Sadness and joy, emotion. Love, desire, and passion. So different for every one of us, those who wear them. 


Now let me tell you the story that Puredistance No. 12 whispered in my ear…


A grand perfume that wraps around you like a cashmere veil… A perfume like no other, in many ways timeless and hard to describe with words. No.12 perfectly embodies the DNA of Puredistance: timelessly beautiful, elegant, and very distinctive in character. Jan Ewoud nicknamed No.12: ‘Beauty in Blue’. Dressed up in a rich tone of blue, he found it the perfect perfume to complete the MAGNIFICENT XII COLLECTION. No.12 is complex, rich, hard to define, full of character, long lasting in every way and aristocratic without arrogance or pretension.


There is no secret – I am an old soul. From time to time, I like to close my eyes and indulge myself thinking about fond memories that seem to be from another life. I am a woman who cherishes the past and carries it to the future. Maybe that’s why I fall in love with fragrances that resemble a time capsule – just like Puredistance No. 12. 


Created by perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, No. 12 found its way to Puredistance, completing the MAGNIFICENT XII COLLECTION just like a piece of a puzzle. Because there is no other perfume house that would suited better.


When I first tried the fragrance, it seemed simply otherworldly to me. A vintage beauty, like a black-blue pearl among white ones. Signature worthy and breathtakingly beautiful. A perfume I was looking for all my life without even knowing it. 

You know, I do believe that each perfume has a soul. I have no doubt that from the moment it makes its entrance in this world, fragrance begins its search for the perfect human being. To cherish, to comfort. To raise one up. To linger around when we are melancholic, emotional, or happy. Perfumers, on the other hand, have the touch of an artist and the mind of a poet. Somehow, they manage to encapsulate in their creations our most treasured memories, our feelings, and dreams, so different for each one of us.


With a luminous opening, citrusy and ethereal, with just a hint of spiciness, Puredistance No. 12 quickly merged into a luxurious bouquet of flowers – roses, jasmine, orange flowers – amped up by creamy, powdery orris root and heliotrope notes. No sharp edges, no harsh accords, no crisp notes, just high quality ingredients and infinite creativity. 

Truly phantasmagorical No. 12 flows with grace, flooding my senses, conquering my heart as it makes its way to a warm, woody base. A hint of vanilla and sensual musks caress my skin. 

What else could I have done rather than surrender?  

The recent launch of Puredistance No.12 marked the completion of the MAGNIFICENT XII COLLECTION. This exclusive collection will always be our main perfume collection and include a selection of 12 perfumes. No more, no less.


Every one or two years one perfume from this collection will be replaced by a new creation.


The perfumes we replace will be part of the ‘PRIVATE COLLECTION’ – available for those who know – but these perfumes will not be displayed or promoted anymore. This is our elegant and simple solution for the worldwide problem of overproduction and choice overload. A solution completely in line with our motto: ‘Less is More’.


Want to know more about Puredistance and its legacy? Find all the photo stories of the brand here. Be prepared though. You are about to open the door to an enchanted world from which you will never ever want to escape...


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