Warszawa by Puredistance. A journey to the past

About a year ago, while I was in Bucharest, something magical happened.

Precious moments usually do not come in our lives as we are told in fairytales. Sometimes, it takes just the right choice in order to reveal the extraordinary. Last year, I have received an e-mail from Puredistance, one of the most exclusive perfume house in the world, in which I was told that Iris Vos, one of Jan Ewoud Vos daughters, the perfume house's founder, was coming to Romania to promote the new launch, Warszawa. I was over the moon with joy and immediately took a decision. I had to book a plane ticked and go to Bucharest.

The big day came and I was waiting outside Hanul lui Manuc to meet Iris. She came to the restaurant, smiling, and I could not believe that I was having the opportunity to find out more about one of my favorite perfume houses of all time. In my head there were so many questions, that I didn't know where to start. Iris was kind enough to explain more about the process of creation, from the idea to the fragrance and I was mesmerized by all the steps that are made in order for a perfume to be born.

First, there is the trigger. 

A memory, a song, a fabric, a picture. Then, the perfumers, the ”noses” play their part. Inspired by the timeless beauty of Puredistance, they create masterpieces that do not follow trends. They create liquid memories for us to enjoy. Simple as that. Visuals are also very important for the brand. Iris showed me wonderful pictures made by her and her father, Jan, and also illustrations created by the very talented Robin. In fact, I was lucky enough to be gifted a few.

I think that what I love most about Puredistance is the fact that they want and most importantly, choose to remain small and beautiful, just like a family. It is a rare desire among luxurious perfume houses and to me, a proof that Puredistance remains true to the values it believes in.

As for Warszawa...

I usually take my time to wear a fragrance. To ”listen” what it has to say. I always like to let a perfume become a part of me in order to decide if we are soulmates. Sometimes it works and we become inseparable, sometimes it does not and all I am left with are a few bittersweet memories. 

Warszawa has a beautiful story. The fragrance has origins that go nearly 30 years ago, when Jan Ewoud Vos listen to David Bowie's song ”Warszawa” for the first time. He was moved by the beautiful music, but also felt intrigued by the word itself - WARSZAWA. Many years after, when Jan visited Warsaw, he took time to explore the city and take pictures. Over the time, he developed a wonderful friendship with the Missala family, the exclusive retailer for Puredistance in Poland. Very soon, the ideea to launch a new fragrance with the name ”Warszawa” came to his thoughts. In order to create it, Jan Ewoud Vos comissioned the parisian master perfumer Antoine Lie. One year later, Puredistance Warszawa was ready. 

I had the chance to try Warszawa for the first time a couple of weeks before meeting Iris Vos and also wore it while in Bucharest. I think that cold weather is perfect for the fragrance to develop, because it reveals its magic in the crisp, rather misty air. Warszawa is a classic, like an ode to women from the past. I find it to be rather melancholic, but that makes it even more beautiful. When I wear it, I picture myself on the streets of Poland, wearing a dark green dress, a hat and an umbrella. I am heading to nowhere, but I love to listen to the sound of my high heels shoes on the cobbled streets. As I walk, I raise my head just a bit under the umbrella, enough to observe the old buildings that surround me and imagine the lives of the people living inside. 

As for the scent itself, Warszawa features a big bouquet of mostly white flowers, but without being cloying or old fashioned. It also develops a green, soapy facet on my skin. I find it pretty hard to describe, as it is a very smooth and homogeneous composition. You will have to wear it yourself in order to discover some of its secrets. Warszawa is certainly a journey back in time.

While talking with Iris, I found out something very interesting about the packaging. You see, the color scheme was not randomly chosen. If you look closely, you will observe the dark grey of the label. It simbolises the color of the buildings and streets in Warsaw. And the green ribbon and cushion from the inside of the perfume box? It is the color of the old buildings roof, but also means hope. Hope for a Poland who witnessed war, loss and sorrow but regained its splendor.

You can find all Puredistance creations on the official website and also in Bucharest, at Elysee


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