Inspired by the class and elegance of Polish women and the rich history of the city of Warsaw, WARSZAWA
evokes the chic of the golden days of Fashion and Perfume. 

   This perfume has style, warmth - great depth of
character - and will make you feel beautiful in a lush way. It will transport you to another world, a dreamy world,
where you will feel elated and dizzy - in a good way.

   Today the future for most people looks grim and uncertain. More and more people start to wonder what all new
technology and constantly changing modern trends will bring us in the end. 

   Puredistance WARSZAWA brings back a certainty from the past; the certainty of classic feminine beauty. Something that will never go out of style and may help to temporarily forget a world that seems to be ruled by cold and selfish calculation.


Jan  Ewoud Vos with Antoine Lie
WARSZAWA is created by the world renowned perfumer Antoine Lie from Paris. This is the third perfume for
Puredistance and just like Puredistance ‘BLACK’ and ‘WHITE’ his creation exactly matches the feeling of WARSZAWA Jan Ewoud Vos had in mind and heart. 

Inspired by visuals, a short movie by Jan Ewoud and Chopin's Nocturne no. 20, Antoine has created a timelessly beautiful fragrance.


Galbanum, Grapefruit, Violet leaf, Jasmin Absolute, Broom absolute, Orris butter, Patchouli, Vetiver and Styrax.


The combination of the highest quality raw materials and a perfume oil percentage of 25% will ensure an intense sensorial experience. One or two sprays is enough for an intense and long lasting effect.


Puredistance WARSZAWA is pure perfume extrait (25% perfume oil) and will be available in November 2017 in 3
different sizes: the 17.5 ml perfume spray, a 60 ml perfume flacon and a 100 ml perfume flacon. All perfumes are
packaged in a beautiful giftbox and come with a certificate that is personally signed by the owner Jan Ewoud Vos.
The suggested EU retail price will be 175 euro for 17.5 ml, 295 euro for 60 ml and 490 euro for 100 ml.


If you are interested to know more about Puredistance WARSZAWA, please contact Nele Tammiste at: or go to our website, facebook, instagram or twitter.


   Almost 30 years ago, Puredistance founder Jan Ewoud Vos played the song WARSZAWA from David Bowie on
his (Dual) record player. Not only the music itself, but also the sound of the name WARSZAWA deeply touched

   Years later, in his twenties, Mr. Vos visited the city of Warsaw for the first time. He found the Polish people to
be friendly and he admired the proud attitude of the women walking through the streets with an elegance he
remembered from watching classic movies.

   Years later, after starting Puredistance, he more frequently travelled to Warsaw, since Puredistance was much
appreciated by a select group of perfume lovers in Poland. A special friendship developed between him and the
Missala family who is the exclusive retailer of Puredistance in Poland. 

   More than once Mr. Vos visited the house of the Missala family to enjoy a freshly prepared, lavish lunch made by Stanislawa Missala. To be among this traditional and close family felt very special to him. He was touched by the warmth of the family, this was not like usual business. It was like going back in time.

   The warm, stylish and beautiful persona of Stanislawa Missala reminded him of the beauty and elegance of
pre-war Warsaw as he had seen on old pictures. It inspired him to create a beautiful and uplifting perfume with the
name ‘WARSZAWA’. A fully mature perfume that would be a rich and luxurious experience. Classic, stylish and
warm, with a touch of modernity.

   Antoine Lie, the Parisian Master Perfumer who has already created two fantastic perfumes for Puredistance
(BLACK and WHITE) understood and liked the concept a lot. Making the first versions of WARSZAWA Antoine
imagined an elegant Polish woman wearing a fur coat, in harmony with herself displaying a feminine self
confidence. A vintage, sepia coloured image of an era long gone. With this idea in mind, and Chopin's Nocturne
no. 20 playing in the background, Antoine created a perfume that leads the wearer into a classic world of harmonious notes, inspiriting beauty and luxury. Thinking in colours, WARSZAWA is a composition of noble green,
rich golden and chic grey hues.

   The process of evaluating the various versions of Puredistance WARSZAWA was done by the Puredistance team, the Missala family and Maja Pietraszewska, who also composed and performed a piece of music that was used for
a conceptual short film by Mr. Vos that visualises the concept of WARSZAWA.

   As a tribute to the name and city of WARSZAWA, the perfume was exclusively available in Warsaw for one year through the perfumeries of Quality Missala in Poland. 

November 2017 Puredistance WARSZAWA will be available


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