The world of scents. Interview with perfumer Daniel Pescio

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  Today I am going to spoil you with a wonderful interview I had with Daniel Pescio, a very talented perfumer who has just been was choosen in the 16 best perfumers in the competition organised by the American Society of Perfumers in the partenership with TFS (world's leading grower, producer and seller of sustainable of indian Sandalwood in Australia). They were 100 perfumers worldwide participating on this competition. 

1.     Hello Daniel, welcome to my blog! First of all, I would like to ask you to tell me more about yourself! Were you always interested in perfumes? 
  Born in Brazil, I work in France for more than 20 years now. I first graduated from l'Ecole Supérieure d'Etudes Cinématographiques de Paris (ESEC), and than, 10 years later, graduated from Institut Supérieur du Parfum (ISIPCA), the world famous school of perfumes set in Versailles. I have worked for prestigious brands such as Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford, Prada, Narciso Rodrigues, Hermès, Lutens… As a perfume expert, I give lectures in different countries around the world
In 2010, I joined Editions de Parfums Frédérique Malle where I worked during 4 years as retail and export manager contributing to the development of the brand. In 2015 I decided to create my own company, Daniel Pescio Parfums and started teaching the art of perfumes, organising workshops and creating fragrances. 
I am a member of Société Française des Parfumeurs since 2006. Besides it, I'm also practicing aromachologie after a trainning with one of the most imortant specialist in the area, Mme Patty Canac. 
Since my childhood I've been interested on perfumes and sense of smell. My father was passionated about portuguese refined soaps, italian perfumed powder, after shaves and perfumes. He used to chose perfumes for my mother. For me, as a child, I had always been in contact with this world but never thought become a perfumer. 

2.     When did you felt that you were made to be a perfumer? Was the trigger a specific moment, a memory maybe? 
  The interest to become a perfumer came later, during a crucial moment in my life. At this time, in 2006, I was working in movies productions as a set decorator. In the meantime, a friend had offered to me a book about the perfume history, and it was the trigger to do some research and applied to the perfumery school created by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, the ISIPCA. 

3.     Can you explain me the difference between a note and an accord? Do you have any favorites? 
A note is a facete, for exemple, an animalic note from jasmin absolu. It's the indolic facete of the jasmin. An accord is a composition of two or more materials, for example a chypre accord, is a composition of bergamot, patchouli, amber and oakmoss which represent a type or a family of perfumes based on this accord.

4.     Where do you find inspiration for creating your perfumes? 

  Most of them can be inspired from a trip or places as landscapes or atmosphere. I'm also inspired by a special raw materials rarely used in perfumes, as the Osmanthus absolu, Iris concrete, Narcisus absolu or Angelica roots essence, which I love! Another source of inspiration can be vintage fragrances (I have a huge collection) and colors from Pastels Roché.  

5.     What do you think about modern perfumes? They seem to follow two main trends: oud and sweet, gourmand scents. Do you think vintages where more complex?
  Well, I'm not a big fan of oud or sweet fragrances, but I can use some sweet notes when it's interesting. Of course vintages were more complex because the materials and varieties were richer than what we have today. However, our environement changes, our taste canges, and also our perception of things. For me, vintage fragrances tells a story, makes you dream, whereas the modern perfumery uses the marketing to tell you the story.  

6.     What do you think about niche perfumes? Is it still possible to create just for pure passion, without massive marketing campaigns? 
  I think nowadays niche is the new mainstream perfumery. Indie fragrances are more interesting than niche. The industry constraint the creation regarding the cost, marketing and IFRA/European Legislation rules. Many times we could read interviews about famous perfumer saying they were treated like a trainee for 15 years before creating a best seller.

7.     What makes your perfumes special?
  Quality, originality and choice of best raw materials, and research about effects.  

8.     Can you tell me how should someone choose a perfume? Is the wearer who gets to choose, or the perfume picks it’s owner?
  First step can be to define your Olfactive Profile to better know your taste. Than when you chose a perfume, you must try it on the skin and live with for a moment before taking a decision. Sometimes is the perfume which will chose the owner, like I used to say with Noir Epices from Frédéric Malle. Even if you like the fragrance, it's not sure it fits on you! Noir Epices has a very strong caracter, but very beautiful and unique composition. 

9.     Finally, tell me more about your creations! Do you have a favorite?
  My creations are very diferent one from the other. You can find a very powerful oriental with a fresh, creamy and sensual orchid flower, or a soft powdery orange blossom. Also, a very sunny honeyed animalic floral with Sambac Jasmin extrait, or the Eau de Cyclades with a green fruity fig leaves touch in a creamy musc base. If you like Osmanthus, I have 4 fragrances with more than 2% of the natural material on it, revealing the green animalic note on it than the apricot facet you usually smell on osmanthus compositions. It's my favorite because I love the Osmanthus absolute, which is very rare in fragrance as a natural ingredient because it's very expensive and the production is limited. I combined it with natural orris, carot, neroli, peach, galbanum, lotus, rose, sandalwood... I also love the Fleur Cannibale Plum Extrait, which is a powerfull oriental, very exotic and seductive fragrance. Some of my customers ask me to personalise a fragrance already made or a unique and exclusive fragrance. It's a very creative process which I take a lot of pleasure to doing it. 

  If you want to try Daniel's creations, please feel free to write to him at: 
or on his Facebook page from HERE.  

In a further post, I will review some of Daniel Pescio's creations. Stay tooned! There will be surprises!


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